U-Bud Cannabis Services

U-Bud Cannabis Services started operations on October 17, 2018 on the day of recreational cannabis legalization as Canada’s first full service cannabis home grow service. Although our business model has changed, our passion for service, client success and a complete home grow solution has stayed the same.

Today we offer the right equipment with everything you need to get from seed to weed including the expertise and process. Just contact us and we will figure out the right solution to get you growing today. We train you and leave you with a process that will ensure success and support if you need it. If you just need to pick up a component for your home grow, we have a curated collection of tested and proven equipment and supplies to keep you growing at a competitive price. Grow at Home today with U-Bud.

$5 off orders over $25 pre-tax $25 off a grow kit (full set up with tent, lights, fan and filter)


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