WINK SWEET CITRUS ONYX Full-Spectrum 510 Thread Cartridge

by WINK Cannabis

  • Product Category : Vape
  • Plant Type: Indica
  • Cannabinoid Profile: THC
  • THC: 76%, CBD: 0-2%
  • Terpene Profile: Caryophyllene, Limonene, Humulene
  • Scent Notes: Citrus, Sweet, Tart

WINK SWEET CITRUS ONYX is a potent 0.5 g full-spectrum vape cartridge made with an Indica-dominant, single-sourced winterized THC oil. SWEET CITRUS ONYX uses a full-spectrum CO2 extraction process that preserves the naturally occurring elements of the plant so that you can taste the rich cannabis flavours. WINK's vape cartridges contain no fillers or additives, just cannabis. Dominant terpenes include caryophyllene, humulene, and limonene which gives the oil a sweet citrus flavour. WINK cartridges are compatible with a 510 thread vape battery, and are made with a ceramic mouthpiece, stainless steel frame, and glass casing designed to be leak-proof and deliver maximum performance. 10% of profits from WINK go to organizations that support homelessness & social services.