Welcome to the future of Cannabis Tourism.

The accommodations and events listed herein are focused on promoting connection with self and others.
HiBnb is a community of non reactive fun loving compassionate people looking out to support one another.
This site is self regulated and relies on the reviews we give of one another.

HiBnb is different than any other marketplace; all of the listings in our community allow (and encourage) Guests to Get Hi at safely accessible retail locations, Play Hi at cannabis events and experiences, and Stay Hi in 420 friendly lodging.

With something for everyone, from the canna-curious to canna-pros, from healers to hippies to headbangers, we offer opportunities to explore cannabis in safe and supportive environments.

Whether it is a class dedicated to cooking with cannabis, a 420 friendly festival, an elevated yoga class, a cannabis sommelier group exploring cultivars or healing properties, or an apartment with a smoking terrace, HiBnb is the place where like-minded individuals can connect and share their love of cannabis in a non-judgmental environment.

A word from our Founder

…Share more, laugh more, love more…


Growing up in Toronto, my friends and I bonded over finding creative ways to get high while listening to great music. When I moved to Vancouver, I was introduced to an entirely new world of cannabis. There, cannabis seemed to greatly enhance people’s lives and allow them to relax in ways I had never experienced before. The general population viewed cannabis in a way that the rest of Canada had yet to catch up to. I would smoke cannabis with my friends on the beach and play frisbee, head to the arcade together, or use it to boost my creative, physical, and spiritual pursuits.

When I moved to California, I felt the divide between cannabis advocates and those who fought against it. The advocates were diverse, from all different walks of life. Those who fought against it were highly judgemental.

It has always been clear to me that cannabis is a benevolent substance and I am grateful I have been surrounded by community that has accepted it, and me, to become the best person I can be. That same level of comfort and freedom to enjoy cannabis is exactly what the HiBnb community aims to provide to its Guests.

Now that Canada has legalized cannabis, I am proud and thrilled to help foster a new revolution in the hospitality and leisure industry. I hope that HiBnb provides a platform for all members to share more, laugh more, love more; and that together, we help grow a beautiful community of like-minded people enjoying meaningful experiences.