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Here are some examples of HiBnb Accommodation Hosts doing it right.

QuationI want to host canna friends from all over the world.

Juan, Vancouver, British Columbia

Juan has been growing cannabis in his home for three years and is very proud of his strains and the yields he regularly cultivates. He’s also proud of his porcelain giraffe collection – but that’s besides the point. Along with the typical amenities found at B&Bs, Juan provides each of his rentals with a robust tray of home-grown flower and a welcome basket including a grinder and a bong for his Guests’ enjoyment. Juan smokes in his home and doesn’t mind if his Guests do the same – just don’t ask him about the giraffes, he asked us to make him sounds cool.

Green-qutaionI am passionate about sharing cannabis as a healing agent.

Wendy, Halifax, Nova Scotia

Wendy is a longtime supporter of the healing effects of cannabis and wants to share her perspective with others. She offers a class on Healing with Cannabis as a HiBnb Adventure and the welcome basket in her home rental includes an infused bath bomb, and an Indica-dominant gummy that’s best used for a good night’s sleep. Wendy lives across from a hospital so she is able to help many people explore cannabis for the first time in a safe and healing environment.

QuationWho says a condo can’t be canna-friendly?

Adam, Toronto, Ontario

Adam bought a condo last year and when he’s not living there, he rents it out. He loves getting high and wants to support others to do the same but doesn’t want Guests to smoke in his unit – he’s afraid the smell of skunkweed might offset a potential buyer. While his guests are welcome to bring their own bud to smoke on the balcony, Adam provides a 10mg pack of dissolving THC powder to each guest with every night’s rental. For those who like to start the day with a hi, it’s a great addition to morning tea or coffee.

Green-qutaionI love exploring new products and sharing them with others.

Holly, Montreal, Quebec

Holly is a proud Canadian and since legalization, she’s tried as many new, exciting products as she can. After a stretch of exploration – and lots of time lying on the couch – she discovered what works best for her is micro-dosing on sub-lingual hard candies. All day long. She appreciates the boost in elevation which she can maintain throughout her day. And when guests check in at Holly’s apartment, so do they.

QuationDude, am I really high or is this actually working?

Brandon, Montreal, Quebec

Brandon is a university student with a preference for strong concentrates. He doesn’t always make it to class on time, but man, can he ever keep a frisbee off the ground. Brandon’s roommate recently moved out and instead of replacing him or giving into the urge to turn his room into a ball pit, he decided to list it on HiBnb. His Accommodation’s central location and connoisseur-level cannabis hospitality has made it quite the popular spot! He likes to hang out with his Guests and shares a unique assortment of budder, shatter, and resin.

Green-qutaionOur B&B has themed rooms and we make breakfast for all our guests.

Cynthia, Ottawa, ON

Cynthia has been hosting Guests on Airbnb in her home for seven years. After legalization in Canada, she slipped “420 Friendly” into her listing and has been booked ever since. She and her son both have their medical marijuana grow license and in addition to teaching cooking with cannabis and growing cannabis as HiBnb Adventures, they are happy to share a refillable plate of beautiful buds with their guests and an “All You Can Smoke” policy with each night’s rental.


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