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Over the decades, many painters, actors, comedians, and musicians have endorsed cannabis use and advocated for marijuana legalization. There’s no question that their determination helped pave the path for the widespread acceptance of weed we now enjoy. And there are still an abundance of rockers and talkers plugging cannabis directly in their art. Here, we’ll feature interviews with entertainers that have made weed a large part of their lives.

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The “road trip” has been a certifiable staple of the counterculture since the days of Jack Kerouac and Hunter S. Thompson. These days, driving adventures are easier than ever — providing cannabis is your recreational vehicle of choice — and there are plenty of destinations to enhance your experience. Here are some spots to light your way.

As a growing number of regions continue to legalize the recreational use of marijuana, there is a staggering amount of news about the latest developments in the scene and even more information about emerging 420-friendly companies and their products. Check in here for the latest.