House Rules For Guests


All guests will act and speak in a respectful and courteous manner. There is a zero tolerance policy for disrespectful, intolerant, discriminatory or abusive behaviour.


Hosts work hard to provide a disinfected and sparkling clean space for you to enjoy. Please be respectful of their property and leave the space just as clean and tidy as you found it. If in doubt use the "would you do this in your mother's house?" rule. If the answer is yes, rock on.

We understand that accidents can happen. If something breaks during your stay, let your Host know immediately and do your best to clean up. There should be cleaning supplies available to you in the closets or cupboards. Again, if it helps, imagine your mother is watching over your shoulder, and she approves of cannabis.


Accommodation listings will clearly state where smoking is permitted. This may be indoors, in a designated room/area, or in a designated space outdoors. All Guests must respect the designated smoking areas and act courteously. Follow the instructions left by the host: open a window to minimize the smell of smoke, clean up after yourself, you know the drill. We won't involve your mother this time...unless she's super chill, then she’s welcome to hang.

HiBnb maintains a "Leave no ash behind!" policy. At the end of your stay, your Host will rate and review your behaviour as a Guest. Guests who do not maintain a rating in good standing may be barred from further bookings - and no one wants that!.


Treat your Host’s accommodation with respect. We are a community that relies on cannabis consumers like you to help us fight against common weed stereotypes and stigmas.

It is crucial that you follow your Host’s checkout instructions, such as what to do with garbage and recycling. If no instructions are specified, leave the garbage tied up by the front door. Please remember to treat others how you would want to be treated if you were a host!

Host Generosity / Sharing

Your Host’s generosity MAY offer you the opportunity to integrate cannabis into your stay. Please do not take advantage of their generosity. Any cannabis shared with you remains the Host's property and you MUST follow all Host guidelines on consumption, including how much, when and where it is permitted.

You are welcome to acknowledge your Host's generosity by leaving them a raving review and referring their Accommodation to your friends.


Guests (and anyone else staying at the Accommodation) must be of legal age to possess and consume cannabis in the jurisdiction in which the Accommodation is located. No Guests beyond those registered to stay at the property should be invited into the space. If you wish to invite additional Guests, you must obtain written permission from the Host.

HiBnb cannot guarantee the purity, safety, or quality of the cannabis that the Host may choose to share with a Guest and makes no representations or warranties with respect thereto. Any cannabis accepted by a Guest from a Host is at the Guest's own risk and discretion. HiBnb is not responsible for the actions of Guests or any damage caused by Guests. Upon receipt of a booking confirmation from a Guest, a legally binding agreement is formed between the Host and the Guest, subject to our Terms of Use and any additional terms and conditions that may be agreed upon between the parties.


We respect you and your ability to make your own decisions, but your safety is paramount. Please use discretion when taking part in any HiBnb Adventures or if you are using cannabis in your Host's accommodation. Be honest with yourself and your Host about your previous cannabis experience. You are welcome to puff, puff, pass, but check in with yourself before you decide to indulge in more.

Educate yourself about the benefits and risks of cannabis use. Many of our Hosts have extensive expertise and experience with cannabis, and are happy to answer your questions. Exercise caution and stay aware when using open flames and ensure any combustible products are extinguished.

Use caution when using an open flame and be responsible for distinguishing any combustible product.


We love and value our Hibnb community - you make us who we are! Authenticity is important and reviews are a key piece of this puzzle. Share your thoughts so other members of the community can learn from your experiences. We welcome and encourage you to write a review after each HiBnb experience.


'Stuff' happens. We understand that you may need to cancel a booking. All Guests have the right to a full refund if cancelling within 24 hours of their initial booking. If cancellation occurs 14 or more days ahead of a scheduled accommodation, Guest will receive a refund of 50% minus service fees. After this time, bookings become non-refundable. HiBnb allows for cancellation due to extenuating circumstances and full refunds MAY be offered at the sole discretion of the Host.

In the unfortunate and unlikely scenario that your Host cancels your upcoming booking which could happen in an Adventure if a minimum threshold of participants is not met, you will receive a full refund. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.