Event Space for Rent in Detroit

Detroit , MI , United States

Full Event Venue Rental | Up to 250 Guests

A historic yoga studio, coworking, & events space in the heart of Detroit, MI

Imagine a workspace where you can take a quick break to recharge your creativity and focus, then get a little elevated before the evening yoga class. Experience the unique benefits of this high-vibe work space, event venue, and lifestyle as you tackle your tasks with newfound energy and enthusiasm. We respect and celebrate responsible adult use, ensuring a safe and positive experience for all our members.

Our space offers a full service kitchen, Photo/Video Production Room, Podcasting Room, Meditation Chamber, Meeting Room, Yoga Studio, & Basement Speakeasy. Each space can be rented separately, or in combination to suit your event needs!

Important: Our properties are protected by SUPERHOG, the digital trust platform that enables hosts, operators and guests to confidently transact in the short-term rentals space. Please note that once you have booked, you will be required to verify yourself with SUPERHOG.

Smoking is Permitted

  • Anywhere on Premises


  • Wifi / Internet
  • Full Kitchen
  • Free Parking
  • Kitchenette
  • Dishwasher
  • Air Conditioning
  • Laundry
  • Board Games

    (Large selection! We host a monthly Board Games Night, see our website for more details.)

  • Big Screen TV
  • Musical Instrument
  • Pillow Lounge
  • Outdoor event venues
  • Pool Table, Poker Room, Phot/Video Studio, Podcast Studio, Meeting Spaces, & so much more!


  • Dab Rig
  • Glass Bong
  • Grinder
  • Rolling Station
  • Torch

About Your Host:

Home to the famous Cannabis Counsel Law Firm, oldest and first cannabis-only law firm in the country, 29Thirty has been a nexus for the cannabis legalization movement in Michigan. Hosting esteemed guests like our state Governor and activists like Tommy Chong, our space is excited to welcome you to visit, work, and play in our piece of MI cannabis history.Perfect for private or public events with 10-250 attendees.

Host's Views on Cannabis

Please use your own discretion. No visitors under 21 years of age allowed.

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1 night minimum stay

About the Neighbourhood

Address is provided after the booking is confirmed.

Rivertown-Warehouse District is a trendy waterside area. Former warehouses have been converted into chic lofts, and the neighborhood boasts craft cocktail bars, elegant restaurants, and world food trucks, plus boutiques selling clothes by local designers. The Dequindre Cut Greenway has paved cycle paths, while the Riverwalk promenade snakes through William G. Milliken State Park with views across to Windsor, Canada.

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Contact info for entry will be provided in communications

Check-in : 10:00 AM

Check-out : 08:00 PM


1. You may not place anything, or allow anything to be placed where it may, in 29Thirty’s judgment, appear unsightly from the outside of the building in which the Premises are located (“Building”).2. The sidewalks, halls, passages, exits, entrances, elevators and stairways shall not be obstructed or used for any purposes other than for ingress to and egress from the Premises.3. You agree to use the Premises so as not to necessitate any unnecessary janitorial labor or services and will throw all waste in appropriate receptacles.4. You cannot cook in the Premises (excepting use of the coffee maker and microwave) and cannot sleep in or otherwise use the Premises for lodging.5. 29Thirty facilities are tobacco, and illegal substance free. You, your employees and invitees may not smoke, vape, chew tobacco or carry lighted cigars or cigarettes on 29Thirty property.6. You may not bring upon, use or keep in the Premises or the Building, any inflammable, combustible or explosive material, or use any method of heating or air conditioning other than that supplied by 29Thirty.7. Upon the termination of Services, you will deliver to 29Thirty all keys, key cards, openers and passes for doors and gates which have been furnished to you.8. You will (and will cause your Authorized Users to) use reasonable efforts to cause all doors and gates to the Premises that you have opened to be closed and securely locked before leaving the Building. You and the other members assume full responsibility for protecting the Premises from theft, robbery and pilferage, which includes keeping doors locked and other means of entry to the Premises closed and secured.9. You will cooperate fully with 29Thirty to assure the most effective operation of the heat and air conditioning system for the Premises, and will refrain from attempting to adjust any controls. You will (and will cause your Authorized Users to) keep corridor doors closed.10. Except with the prior written consent of 29Thirty, you will not sell or cause to be sold any items or services in the Premises, nor will you carry on or permit or allow any employee or person to carry on the business of machine copying, stenography, typewriting or similar business in or from the Premises for the service or accommodation of occupants of any portion of the Building without written consent of 29Thirty.11. You will (and will cause your Authorized Users to) not install in, affix to, or bring into the Premises any furniture, fixtures, or equipment. You will (and will cause your Authorized Users to) not place graffiti on or deface the walls, partitions or other surfaces of the Premises or the Building.12. On Saturdays, Sundays, federally observed holidays and on other days during certain hours for which the Building may be closed after normal business hours, access to the Building or to halls, corridors, elevators, stairwells will be through appointment only.13. You will (and will cause your Authorized Users to) not change locks or install other locks on doors without the prior written consent of 29Thirty.14. You will (and will cause your Authorized Users to) not damage or inappropriately use any toilet rooms, plumbing or other utilities. You will give prompt notice to 29Thirty of any accident or damage to or defects in electrical, plumbing, mechanical, telecom, heating, ventilation and air conditioning, or other systems or apparatus known to you so the same may be attended to properly.15. Member hereby authorizes 29Thirty’s representatives to accept on Member’s behalf any packages that are addressed to Member and delivered to the Business Office due to Member’s absence, and agrees to hold 29Thirty and such representatives harmless for signing for receipt of such packages and for any loss of or damage to the packages. While we will make our best efforts to accommodate members deliveries, 29Thirty will not guarantee acceptance of packages on Member’s behalf that are delivered in Member’s absence to the Premises.16. You will not make or permit any noise or odors that annoy or interfere with other members or persons having business in the Premises. You will (and will cause your Authorized Users to) not bring anything in or around the Premises or Building that is excessively heavy or that causes excessive vibration in any part of the Building.17. Neither you nor your Authorized Users will keep animals or birds in the Premises nor bring motorcycles, motor scooters, mopeds, bicycles, scooters, skateboards or other modes of transportation into areas not designated for them.18. You will not employ any service or contractor for services or work to be performed in the Building, except as approved by 29Thirty.19. You, your employees and invitees may not go on the roof of the Building.20. You will (and will cause your Authorized Users to) comply with all safety, fire protection and evacuation regulations established by 29Thirty, the owner of the Building or any applicable government agencies.


I will be on site


Guests have the right to a full refund if cancelling within 24 hours of booking. Within 14 days of arrival , Guests receive a 50% refund. After this time, the full cost of the booking will apply.


Don't forget to bring your government issued, photo ID as your host may want to check it.


  • Parties allowed
  • Surveillance or recording devices on property
  • Some spaces are shared