Meditation | Outdoor | Yoga in Cobourg

Cobourg , ON , Canada


This 3 hour experience will take you on a journey through your inner and outer space while connecting to the mystery and magic of Living in Sensual Flow Surrender into the blissfulness of being by exploring sacred practices infused with cannabis that inspire presence, sensuality, self love and intimate connection. Through a blend of movement, touch, meditation, breath, conscious communication, soul gazing, energy exchange and an expanded sense of awareness, you can revel in the healing power of pleasure & your creative life force energy!

Cannabliss GLOW sessions can run anywhere from sunrise to sunset depending on what you’re feeling into. Your experience will be curated with your intentions in mind, after a brief discovery call to help me learn some things about you. This will inspire me to create a beautiful, mindful and unforgettable adventure just for you.

There are a variety of offerings and a customizable a la carte menu that includes on site yoga + meditation + Tantra for couples, coaching, conversation, seasonal activities (snowshoeing, beach swims & paddle boarding), relaxing CBD infused massages and cannabis education. Offsite activities can include a driver to ensure your safety and comfort.
A sample, overnight getaway could be something like this:

-Arrive and chill
-Enjoy nature, trails and free time
-GLOW time at the beach
-Evening paddleboard at sunset
-Candlelight yoga + meditation + relaxation
-Free time by the fire

-Wake & Bake sunrise on the Cannabis Canopy
(choose your own consumption)
-Yoga/ Meditation
-Snacks & Relax
-Free time afternoon
-Evening relaxation GLOW session
-Free time by the fire
-Cannablissful sleep

About Your Host:



Embodied Awakening Guide + Kundalini Tantra Yogini + Lifestyle Design Coach

Verified Host

  • Somatic Trauma Therapy • Shamanic Tantra • Wild Divine Sanctuary: Private Retreats • Plant Medicine Ceremonies • Classical Tantra (ongoing) • Kundalini Yoga Toronto • Sivananda + Hatha Yoga, India • Yoga Therapy: Nashik, India • Rainbow Children's Yoga • Beyond Addiction: The Yogic Path to Recovery + Healthy Breast Yoga: Sat Dharam Kaur • Compassionate Communication: Dr. Gabor Maté • Acudetox • Certified Coach CCF • KARE | Cannabis Accreditation & Education Program • Chakra Dance Temple in I am an Integration & Embodiment focused Guide, Kundalini Tantra Yogini, and Conscious Lifestyle Design Coach with a special interest in Kundalini & Spiritual Awakenings, Plant Medicine Journeys and living a life of Sensual Flow. Through the integration and embodiment of my own spiritual emergence and the healing journey of light and shadow, I offer a safe and sacred space for you to be witnessed and align with your most authentic self. I guide you to explore your edges, expand your awareness and dive into the depths of your infinite potential! Living in Sensual Flow is a complete lifestyle framework for using all of your life's experiences as vehicles for spiritual growth, personal evolution, and joyful presence in the day to day. It is a celebration of life; to be with and feel love in all things and a way to deepen intimacy with ourselves, our partners and the entire Universe. To celebrate the mystery and magic of your creative, sensual life force energy! Conversation + Movement + Meditation + Breathwork + Energy + Tantra + Sensuality + Lifestyle + Plant Medicine "The nature of your consciousness is manifesting and unfolding in every cell of your body, every second of your life. RAW & REAL. LIGHT & SHADOW. YOU. ARE. THE MEDICINE." ~ Artemis
  • Cannabis + Psychedelic Integration + Mindfulness + Yoga

I am an Embodiment focused Awakening Guide, Kundalini Tantra Yogini, and Conscious Lifestyle Design Coach with a special interest in Sensual + Spiritual + Kundalini Awakenings and the colourful spectrum of living in rhythm. I offer insightful and down to earth approaches that are rooted in the wisdom and cycles of nature, the teachings of yoga, and the healing power of pleasure, presence and love YOU • ARE • THE MEDICINE

Host's Cannabis Preference

Host is not providing cannabis but you are welcome to bring your own.


The timing of this Adventure is available at the Guest's request.

Duration of activity 3+ hrs


Exact address is provided after the booking is confirmed.

Additional Details:


Guests must be 21+.

Cancellation Policy

Outside of 14 days from the event date, Guests receive a 50% refund. After this time, the full cost of the booking applies.


Don’t forget to bring your government issued, photo identification.

Your Host will provide:

yoga mats + accessories, paddleboards, snowshoes and fully private studio

Local, organic farm fresh snacks and healing herbs and teas

What you need to bring:

creature comforts


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