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Salmo , BC , Canada

Embark on a sacred journey guided by the wisdom of Cannabis~

Join us for a Sacred Cannabis Ceremony! Experience the magic of connecting with cannabis in a sacred and intentional way from the magical space at For-Rest Retreat. Our ceremony will guide you through a journey of mindfulness, gratitude, and bliss with the help of this sacred plant.

Event Details:
Date: Sat, April 6
Time: 6:00pm - 9:00pm
Location: For-Rest Retreat, Salmo
Whether you're a seasoned cannabis user or new to its benefits, this ceremony is open to all (of age) who seek a deeper connection with themselves and the plant. Don't miss this unique opportunity to experience the power of cannabis in a sacred setting. Reserve your spot now!

*A Sacred Circle:*
At the beginning of our gathering, we will embark on a collective journey guided by the wisdom of Cannabis. We will imbibe the herb through inhalation, Cannabis will be shared with you in a rolled joint or loose flower if you want to bring your own pipe/vaporizer. We will then be guided on a meditative exploration to the field of bliss.

To partake in our Cannabis-infused journey, it is essential that you have a previous connection to the herb. Everyone will be invited to have a brief phone call with Terese prior to the gathering to review some deeper guidelines. Please arrive well nourished, hydrated and rested.

Please refrain from fragrances and scents, including any clothing that has been washed in traditional scented laundry products. Pure essential oils and smudges may be included in the ceremony.

*Refreshments:* Light refreshments will be provided as we close the sacred circle and ground ourselves

Space is limited, pre-registration is required.

We invite you to join us in this sacred space, to explore, share, and connect on a profound level. Let us journey together towards bliss, in a ceremony that promises to be as enlightening as it is unifying.

About Your Host:



Cannabis Wellness Coach, 50

  • Cannabis Coaching Institute Trichome Institute in Terese's long running relationship with chronic illness has led to both a dedication to premium napping, as well as a journey to find wellness in a unique spectrum. Passionate about her own health and wellness, she's become a self proclaimed biohacker - she eats funny foods, wears funny devices and has treatments you’ve probably never heard of. Learning to integrate a holistic outlook she has dialed in Self care. Looking to plant medicine, gardening, essential oils, diet, meditation and positivity, she likes to talk a little and say a lot. A legitimate (certified) cannabis expert she resides in the beautiful Kootenays (although she'd often rather be travelling).
  • Certified Cannabis Coach
  • EduCanNation

Terese Bowors, an unyielding Chronic Illness Thriver, has journeyed on a 14-year wellness odyssey alongside her husband and two adult children. Navigating through hardships, she harnesses the power of plant medicine, gardening, and meditation to sculpt her holistic self-care rituals. As a Certified Medical Cannabis Coach, Educator, and captivating Public Speaker, Terese embodies resilience in her relentless pursuit of wellness. Terese’s role as Cannabis Coach has established her as a go to guide for women navigating a safe and healthy relationship with medicinal Cannabis. Terese's accolades include multiple "Cannabis Educator of the Year" honors, a testament to her expertise that has earned her the affectionate title of "Cannabis Yoda" among her peers.



  • 06:00 PM - 09:00 PM

Duration of activity 3 hrs


Exact address is provided after the booking is confirmed.

Additional Details:


Guests must be 21+.

Cancellation Policy

No refund policy applied.


Don’t forget to bring your government issued, photo identification.

Your Host will provide:

Cannabis will be provided

Light refreshments will be provided as we close the sacred circle and ground ourselves

What you need to bring:

Seating: Please bring your own yoga mat & cushions and comfort items. Essentials: Water bottle with a secure lid and your lighter Optional: If you wish, bring your pipe/vaporizer and a crystal to be energized in the space. Comfort Measures: Ensure your comfort by bringing blankets or other personal comfort items.

Things to keep in mind

🔆 Please refrain from fragrances and scents, including any clothing that has been washed in traditional scented laundry products. Arrival: We emphasize the importance of arriving early to settle in. Doors will be closed at 5:55 pm. Experience: to heighten your experience, consider taking a 2-3 day tolerance break from Cannabis prior to the ceremony.