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Sativa Sabai Cannabis Alchemy Wellness Retreat

Join us to co-create an immersive wellness and culinary journey where you will connect deeply with cannabis, the spirit of nature and your inner self. You will integrate ancient ancestral knowledge in ceremonies with modern medicinal cannabis innovation to elevate your perception to a new level. With infused cooking classes, massages, cannabis workshops, ceremonies and sound healing, we aim to create a safe space for you to open your heart and your mind. Inhale, exhale, and heal with your new travel tribe…

Come discover the healing power of cannabis and the profound connections it creates. Welcome to the Sativa Sabai: Cannabis Alchemy Retreat, where we invite you to come on a transformational voyage with us. This is a safe space for those who seek to deepen their connection with cannabis, nature's spirit, and their inner selves.

We blend the wisdom of ancient ancestral practices with the innovation of modern medicinal cannabis, lifting your perception to new horizons.

At Sativa Sabai, we aim to provide a nurturing sanctuary for your heart and mind. Inhale deeply, exhale with intention, and let the healing journey begin with your new tribe of travel spirits.

Prepare to delve into a spectrum of ceremonies designed to help you connect with your inner and outer universes. From the sacredness of Cacao to the transformative power of sound healing, ecstatic dance, altar making, tarot reading, and eye gazing, each ceremony is a step on your path to self-discovery and connection.

We provide a space for wellness practices that melt you back into the present moment, reconnect you with your body and the grounding energy of our earth. You'll indulge in making natural plant facials, face massage workshops, moving meditation, yoga, as well as two blissful one-hour massages in the Sanctuary Spa.

We focus on expanding your view of cannabis to incorporate holistic and organic cultivation, along with mastering the art of cooking canna-infused Thai food and desserts to connect you with the plant on a deeper level.

We hope you will feel the pull that this magical Thai island has on the heartstrings when you bask in the energy of the waves lapping softly at your feet, knowing you are HOME.

We welcome all humans who feel the call - Join us for the start of something magic within you....

About the experience

Come as you are! All people, all humans, are welcome to share in this safe space of self discovery and community through cannabis.

Enjoy an intimate and connected small group size with only 12 humans maximum

Savor the magic of 2 Delicious healthy meals prepared daily

Ceremonies to connect to our inner and outer universes(Cacao, sound healing, ecstatic dance, altar making, tarot, eye gazing, future manifestations)

Cannabis workshops (Infused oil and salve making, high tea)

Wellness practices (Natural plant facials, face massage, moving meditation, yoga, jungle walks)

Curated cannabis goody bag for your elevated enjoyment

Learn the art of cooking canna-infused Thai food and desserts

Gain valuable knowledge about the growth of cannabis, organic nutrients, and insights into holistic cultivation

Relax your body and mind with two 1 hour massages during the week

Join us on an Island excursion: Visit a cannabis dispensary, eat a locally sourced lunch and experience the energy in a Thai temple

What's included

7 days/6 nights Accommodation at The Sanctuary Thailand (a secluded tropical beach that provides a sacred space for you to connect with the elements, absorbing the healing energy of the sea.)

2 Healthy and Delicious Meals per day (vegan and gluten-free options)

Filtered Drinking Water (unlimited)

2 One hour massages

Daily access to The Sanctuary’s Herbal Steam Room

Boat Transportation (to and from the retreat center starting from Haad rin pier)

Private Yoga Shala (with Mats, Props, Private Toilet, Fans and Mosquito Screens)

Curated cannabis goody bag

2 canna-infused Thai cooking classes, with self cooked canna-infused meals served to delight your taste buds

Canna Workshops (holistic cannabis cultivation, high tea, infused oil and topical salve making)

Wellness practices(plant facials, face massage, yoga, meditation)

Ceremonies to connect to our inner and outer universes(Cacao, sound healing, ecstatic dance, altar making, tarot, eye gazing, future manifestations)

About Your Host:



Massage Therapist and Cannabis Healing Disciple

  • Bachelors Degree in Art Osteopathic Massage training in Massage, Cannabis topicals making and cultivation of flower
  • Osteopathic Massage training, Thai Massage Training

Emily is a cannabis plant medicine disciple and open hearted travel soul. She has reverence for all usages of the plant, and spreading knowledge about how this plant can be used to enhance our lives is a passion for her. Her wealth of experience in the cannabis universe, from cultivation to culinary arts to topical salves, will be shared in our workshops.

In addition, Emily is a massage therapist who fuses her massage training from Mexico with her intuitive sense for the spots causing tension and blockages, using a holistic physical and energetic approach to return balance and relaxation to her clients life.

Incorporating the wellness practices that have been most grounding, eye opening and transformative in her personal life was an integral part of planning this retreat for Emily. She hopes they have the same profound effects on you.

Her passions include looking at every flower she passes, getting lost in the horizon line of the ocean, and giggling with good friends until her face hurts from smiling.

Emily has traveled the world for the past 7 years, and there is no country she has visited more often than Thailand. Her hope is to share her love of Thai culture and the beauty and magic of Koh Phangan with you on this special one-week retreat.

Host's Views on Cannabis

Cannabis is a tool for opening up to our inner selves and connecting with the outer world and the amazing humans around us. Inhale, exhale, and heal with this versatile plant.

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  • 02:00 PM - 12:00 AM

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Additional Details:


Guests must be 21+.

This event will be cancelled if it does not meet a minimum number of participants.

This event has a maximum number of participants.

Cancellation Policy

No refund policy applied.


Don’t forget to bring your government issued, photo identification.

Your Host will provide:

Cannabis goody bag of smokeables, edibles and other yummies

2 delicious meals a day are included from our restaurant at The Sanctuary. You will also get to eat 2 infused meals that you learn to cook youself.

Things to keep in mind

you must be 20 years old or over to come to this retreat