DewPoint Farms

The quality of the sun-grown product by DewPoint is very unique, and of the highest quality; using sustainable farming methods, live soils, and very unique terpene profiles because the plants are working with the natural elements.  Our mission is to provide a mindful enjoyment of cannabis by cultivating Humboldt’s highest quality natural sungrown flowers. We continue our family legacy of land stewardship, leading a lifestyle that unites strong core values and a generational mindset.

When you support DewPoint you support a women led, estate grown, family owned, certified Sun+Earth and social equity business. DewPoint has an incredible legacy history in the Humboldt County cannabis community with both owners born and raised on cannabis farms.

DewPoint is a multi-generational craft cannabis estate specializing in sun-grown flowers. Cannabis is our legacy and our lifestyle and we are located in the cannabis heartland, Humboldt County. Our farm is located in the HoneyDew Highlands nestled on a ridge-line with full sun, peaks of the oceans, and epic views of the skyline over the Kings Range. Our proprietary techniques and pure mountain elements combine to bring you the authentic cannabis you’ve been looking for. Our product lines Outlaw and Highland tell our story. Our line OutLaw you can taste the legacy and live free consuming our flowers. Don't be afraid to live on the fringe and question the rules. Our Highland line brings you a deep connection to the planet and the soil we cultivate. Connecting you with strong core values of sustainability, land stewardship and a special way of life. Stay elevated in the Highlands and come escape with us.

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