Green Coast Radio

Green Coast Radio is an online radio station dedicated to cannabis lifestyle, information, entertainment and music that broadcasts 24/7. Our goal is to normalize the subject of cannabis by programming cannabis talk shows and informative segments throughout the
broadcast day. The station is one of the few platforms that isn’t controlled by Big Tech’s unfair and arbitrary guidelines against cannabis. Green Coast Radio is a place where you can listen to uncensored cannabis content and music. So go ahead and celebrate
with some cannabis and hang out for a bit, you might hear something you like.

"Music combined with marijuana tends to produce feelings of euphoria and connectedness to the music and the musicians. The disruption of short-term memory thrusts listeners into the moment of the music as it unfolds; unable to explicitly keep in mind what has just been played, or to think ahead to what might be played, people stoned on pot tend to hear music from note to note, the music creates what many people describe as a time-standing-still phenomenon. They live for each note, completely in the moment."
By Daniel J. Levitin
“The World in Six Songs”


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