Meo Marley’s Herbal Blends

Meo Marley's is a Montreal-based online sustainable smokeshop and Herbal Smoking Blends manufacturer aiming to offer a variety of well-thought and uniquely designed eco-friendly products to recreative smokers around the world.

Meo Marley's partners with innovative and environmentally-friendly startups all over Canada to offer its customers a variety of eco-friendly alternatives to common supplies used by smokers like hemp-pulp unbleached rolling papers, hemp-pulp and soy ink filters, recycled wood rolling trays and artisanal ashtrays.

Meo Marley's main line of products are its unique recipes of CBD/THC/Nicotine-Free herbal smoking blends made from smokable herbs and smokable flowers, like Damiana, Mullein and Raspberry Leaf. Their herbal blends are designed to complement the cannabis smoking experience and offer recreative smokers a natural alternative to tobacco as a rolling filler as well as a great way to better control the effects and the cost of marijuana without sacrificing the enjoyment of smoking a big spliff. They can also be vaped, or smoked on their own as a herbal cigarette or as a nicotine-free way to stop smoking.

Meo Marley's Herbal Smoking Blends line consists of premium food-grade curated dried herbs and aromatics and each recipe has a different degree of intensities and flavor profile, making it ideal for all types of cannabis smokers to pair with their favorite strain or compensate for some negative aspects like harshness in the throat or masking the pungent odor when smoking inside or next to non-smokers.

By purchasing products online on their website, Meo Marley's also offers the opportunity to get your products delivered by Carbon-Neutral Delivery Services using electrical vehicles as well as offset the carbon footprint of the products purchased to make every order a net-zero impact on the environment.

Meo Marley's is also the only herbal smoking blend business in the industry that does not promote false or unverifiable health claims in their marketing, as many companies try to convince their customers that this product category has benefits for your body and/or mind when it is absolutely false. Meo Marley's is totally transparent in their communications and specifies on all its product pages that the act of smoking any herb is bad for your body due to carbon monoxide and tar being inhaled from the combustion.

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