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Smile.  You just got Hi.

  Cannabis Tourists account for $17 Billion in Annual Spending in the USA (Forbes Magazine, 2023).           It's time to tap into the massive financial impact available through cannabis tourism.

Your property listing will be ready to accept bookings in THREE EASY STEPS.

STEP ONE:  Communication

When a booking has been made, our system will notify you via email and text message.  Please confirm the email address and phone number you would like us to use as your primary contact, as well as contact information for your accounting department by sending an email to  In case you need to log into the HiBnb portal, we will confirm the credentials for your HiBnb account; email address and password.

STEP TWO:  Fill out Custom Fields

You have received an email with a link inviting you to complete required custom fields unique to the HiBnb network.  Here you may indicate where smoking is allowed, upload a profile photo, and enter banking information to facilitate your payment. For properties outside of North America, you will be paid through Payoneer. Your rooms will not be active on the HiBnb network until this form is complete.

STEP THREE:  Download the HiBnb Host Guidebook

Learn how to accommodate the cannabis tourist, how to receive payment from HiBnb, and reference Frequently Asked Questions by downloading the HiBnb Host Guidebook below.  


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