• Product Category : Topical
  • Size: 60 grams
  • Cannabinoid Profile: THC & CBD
  • 150mg THC / 300mg CBD
  • Scent Notes: Earthy, Herbal

Earth Kisses Sky's SHINE is infused with 150mg THC, 300mg CBD. Our products are sustainably made and packaged with all-natural ingredients including: Marigold, St John's Wort and Plantain. Designed and formulated by their own in-house Holistic Nutionisht and Clinical Herbalist.

SHINE is derived from natural sources and is free from artificial colour, fragrance, chemicals, parabens, artificial preservatives, petroleum based products, and silicone.

Our SHINE salve, infused with quality ingredients, absorbs deeply into the skin leaving a soft finish, with a pleasant earthy aroma. This topical does not inflict any psychoactive or "high", effects associated with cannabis.