Healing on the Ranch
Jan 23, 2023 Road Trippin’

Healing on the Ranch

By Rev Kelly Addison

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Ranch owner, Gail Diamond, with Loki the horse

Healing on the Ranch

Campbellville, is only about 30 minutes away from Toronto, but it is secluded and rural enough to feel like it is in a whole other world. An energy surrounds the area that only a farming community can dispense. The sign “Five Star Ranch” greets travellers at the end of the winding driveway into the farm compound. The setting is a dream come true for anyone looking for relaxation, fresh air, a little bit of adventure, and a whole lot of open cannabis consumption.

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Cannabis is trimmed while conversation turns to healing and plant medicine

For Owner, Gail Diamond, an Equine coach, and money expert, being able to offer a property to the public to “get away” was a dream come true! Owning her first horse in grade six, and then moving on to building her fairy-take stable as an adult, Gail has always been connected to equestrian life, as well as having a deep appreciation for the cannabis plant having used it since she was a teen and then finding it again as therapeutic medicine  6 years ago.

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The barn is converted to several dwellings for lodging and 3 outdoor firepits are on the grounds

“I’ve been an educator my whole life. I want to offer cannabis education and at the same time I can learn too”. Gail grows her plants right by the hot tub so in the summer months you can sit outside, smoke joints in the hot water, looking at the stars, and smelling the cannabis growing.

All accommodations can be found at HiBnb.ca and are available year-round. People come from all over for repeat trips to the farm. Some come with families, some come for healing, and they all receive the same slice of heaven when they stay. Vacationers can stay on the farm the whole time with so many available options of things they can do to fill their stay, including farm chores every morning! Horse rides, farm fresh chicken egg collecting and even visiting with some of the award-winning animals. “Loki is one of over a dozen horses that live on the ranch”. Gail’s daughter can sometimes be spotted exercising the gorgeous stallion in the arena.

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Visiting with the animals is encouraged and travellers can take part in daily chores during their stay.

A plan is in the works to hold retreats and cannabis educational experiences at Five Star Ranch for 2023. Healing humans with nature, plant medicine, and animals is the heart and soul of this farm vacation stay.

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A view of the grounds with the pool, hot tub, and the residential barn.

About the Writer

Rev Kelly Addison

Reverend Kelly Addison is the owner of the Kelly’s Green Lounge, a cannabis-friendly establishment in Orono, Ontario, where everyone from the canna-curious to the cannabis connoisseur unites in education and celebration of the plant. Kelly is also an ordained minister dedicated to cannabis.

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