Make More Cannabis Tourism Money with HiBnb Affiliate Program
Jun 02, 2022 To Be Blunt

Make More Cannabis Tourism Money with HiBnb Affiliate Program

By HiBnb staff


HiBnb is thrilled to announce the launch of our Affiliate Program*. The program is directly in line with the core values of our community, which has been incredibly supportive to us as we have grown. Now, we have found a way to reward our friends for their efforts.

What does that mean in simple terms? It means referral compensation! The more referrals you make for accommodation bookings and/or ticketed events, the more you'll earn. We'll even reward you for becoming an accommodations host.

Everyone in our Affiliate Program will receive ten percent of HiBnb's gross revenue created by his or her referrals. “I’m really excited about our Affiliate Marketing Program," says HiBnb founder and CEO Elizabeth Becker. "It allows HiBnb to continue to grow exponentially and it supports what I set out to do when I created HiBnb - and that is to give the everyday person a chance to make money by joining the new cannabis economy. The cannabis community has been marginalized and judged for so long, it’s about time that we can give back to the community and celebrate the great values that the cannabis community embodies - the values of acceptance, non-judgment, reflection, curiosity, and spirituality."

The sign-up process is simple; all you have to do is click this link, which will take you right to our affiliate page. Take a minute to enter your details you'll be rewarded right away with your own referral code. Share the code with your network and whenever they reference your referral code, we'll track their activity back to you and send you your share of the income.
"For too long, society has supported the stereotype of the irresponsible, non-industrious cannabis consumer and we want to help prove that’s just not the case," Becker says. "That's why HiBnb is offering a chance to put everyone to work so we can grow and earn together."

About HiBnb
HiBnb ( is different than any other marketplace; all of the listings in our community allow (and encourage) guests to Get Hi, Play Hi, and Stay Hi. With something for everyone, from the canna-curious to canna-pros, from healers to hippies to headbangers, we offer opportunities to explore cannabis in safe and supportive environments. And we promote various fun and educational activities to guests who wish to enhance their stay. Whatever your pleasure, you will find a community in which like-minded individuals can connect and share their love of cannabis in a non-judgmental environment.

* The program reports and pays out monthly until December 2023, subject to terms and conditions of use.


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