BC Cannabis Fest Kicks Off Day One with Budtenders Craft Cannabis Awards
Apr 21, 2022 Hi Lights

BC Cannabis Fest Kicks Off Day One with Budtenders Craft Cannabis Awards

By Haley Boulanger


The first day of the BC Craft Farmers Co-op Cannabis Summit was executed with elegance. Hugs and handshakes, selfies, and smiles were critical evidence of the positive vibes of the event.

The faint, and sometimes heavy smell of marijuana lingered from the parking lot all the way to the rooftop of the luxurious, lakeside Eldorado Resort in Kelowna, BC. Industry stakeholders, craft growers, geneticists, advocates, influencers, budtenders, and legacy market legends were just some of the joyful attendees of day one of the sold-out summit.

Lounge furniture, refreshments, and beautiful Lake Okanagan set the backdrop for the night’s events. 420's -- or Thursday’s -- agenda included late afternoon socializing and early evening nerding out on nugs. Participants were adorned with vape pens dangling from lanyards, strains to show off, and industry insider stories to share.

Around six, the mega-chill crowd was encouraged to head inside to celebrate The BC Budtender Craft Cannabis Awards. With about 10 product nominees in each of the craft cannabis categories, the competition was close. Even the award’s multiple MCs seemed to smile and drool as the product names illuminated the projector screen.

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crowd gathers for Budtender Awards (Photo by Haley Boulanger)

Sponsored by AdCann, the winners of The BC Budtender Craft Cannabis Awards were:

Best Indica: 1964 - Organic Island Rockstar
Best Sativa: Organnicraft - Lilac Diesel
Best Hybrid: BC Green - Watermelon Gushers
Best Terpene Profile: Cake & Caviar - Blueberry Yum Yum
Best Pre-Roll: BLK MKT - Peanut Butter Mac
Best Infused Pre-Roll: Dab Bods - Grape Ape
Best Rosin: Earthwolf Farms - Venom OG Live Rosin
Best Hash: Earthwolf Farms - Tundra Bubble Hash
Best Packaging: Simply Bare
Best Craft Brand: BC Green

The BC Craft Farmers Co-op Cannabis Summit has just started to peak. The next two days boast stacked speaker panels with industry stakeholders, government representatives, and some of the most respected voices in Canadian cannabis. Virtual attendance is still available on the website.

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