Indonesian Man Files Police Report After Paying for Mail-Order Weed and Receiving Celery
Apr 07, 2022 Hi Lights

Indonesian Man Files Police Report After Paying for Mail-Order Weed and Receiving Celery

By Jon Wiedehorn

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Reporting the celery scam  seemed more important than copping to weed offenses

Indonesia is well known for its strict cannabis laws. Though marijuana is the most widely used illicit drug in the country, it is still considered a Type 1 Narcotic -- the same as opium, cocaine, and meth. Anyone caught using or selling weed, even for medical purposes, is subject to strict penalties, including a sentence of up to four years in jail. But sometimes humility is more important than the law.

That may explain why a man in South Sumatra went straight to the police to report fraud after he purchased weed from a mail-order service and discovered he had been sent celery and dried leaves instead or premium ganja.

A 30-second viral video unveiled last week depicts Indonesian cops laughing while the unhappy man explains to them that he paid for cannabis but received wilted vegetables.

The man, who claimed to be a motorcycle taxi driver, filed the police report March 28, and while it's unclear who's filming, the clip clearly shows the scammee holding up a packet. Then, he opens the envelope and shows the authorities bits of celery and lawn clippings, all of which couldn't be worth more than five cents, if that.

In the video, the man says, "I bought it for 50,000 Rupiah ($3.49), sir. But it was only ordinary leaves," reported

Though the man is never threatened, one of the cops explains that cannabis is serious business and the man could be prosecuted just for admitting he ordered the drug. The police took the evidence from the frazzled taxi man, then let him go.

The original police report was filed on March 28 at the Palembang Station in South Sumatra, and the video was uploaded by Instagrammer @Palembang_Pedesau. It went viral after it was reposted by a user with the handle @portetpalembang.

In a dazzling act of crime scene investigation, the local narcotics agency tested two packets of dried leaves in a lab and confirmed they contained no cannabis.
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