HiBnb Combines Resources with Modern Caribbean & Avera Tech
Jun 07, 2022 To Be Blunt

HiBnb Combines Resources with Modern Caribbean & Avera Tech

By HiBnb staff

Coco Cay Bahamas
Photo by A. Duarte

(U.S. Virgin Islands, 6/6/2022) -- HiBnb have expanded their international operations by teaming with cannabis tourism companies Modern Caribbean (MOCA) and Avera Tech. By integrating HiBnb's multi-tiered booking platform with the Caribbean accommodations and technology providers, renters will be able to schedule vacations and ticket events -- accessing the legal sale of cannabis with greater ease than ever.

"Team HiBnb is thrilled to welcome Modern Caribbean and Avera," says HiBnb founder and CEO Elizabeth Becker. "The work that they’ve done to assist in the normalization of cannabis is admirable. And the access to the legal sale of cannabis in the Caribbean for tourists is unprecedented. These companies bring power and breadth to the HiBnb network and we look forward to growing together with them."

“The cannabis industry has been and will continue to be one of the key components of tourism in the Caribbean for decades,” says Michael Pemberton, Managing Partner of MOCA. “Our platform is excited to work together with HiBnb to allow cultivators, dispensaries, tourists, and residences to all interact seamlessly."

The partnership between HiBnb, MOCA, and Avera Tech will also enable tourists to find cannabis-friendly accommodations and purchase tickets for excursions and events. By combining resources, tourists will easily be able to identify retail storefronts in order to safely and legally purchase cannabis. Tourists benefit greatly from this relationship since the last thing anyone on vacation wants is to deal with legal issues, complications, and red tape. Our effective business operations, enticing amenities, and ironclad guarantees ensure that accommodation providers and renters, alike, will experience everything the beautiful Caribbean has to offer without worrying about what might go wrong. In addition, the partnership between HiBnb, MOCA, and Avera Tech will fuel the local economy for grassroots entrepreneurs and everyone else who hops on board the burgeoning legal cannabis business.

About Modern Caribbean (MOCA)
MOCA is full-service government relations and consulting firm based in the U.S. Virgin Islands but focused on the entire Caribbean region. the company offers private sector clients legislative and regulatory consultation, strategic partnering, and business and real estate development services. MOCA has a strong track record of providing high-impact consulting services and grassroots organizing at the highest level of government.

About Avera Tech.
Avera has created multiple technology solutions that will facilitate the tourism industry in the Caribbean region. The company strives to solve global challenges with technological solutions. By maximizing revenue, Avera works to ease the financial strain of economies faced by growing financial strain, natural disasters, and the global coronavirus pandemic.

About HiBnb
HiBnb is an online platform for cannabis enthusiasts to connect and create a vibrant community united in the desire to promote the equitable expansion of the cannabis industry. We provide cannabis-forward vacation rentals, services, retailers, and producers marketplace. Based in Canada, HiBnb now has active hosts in eight nations.
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