HiBnb Partner with Tourism Software Giants Cloudbeds and CiiRUS
Jun 15, 2022 To Be Blunt

HiBnb Partner with Tourism Software Giants Cloudbeds and CiiRUS

By HiBnb staff

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Los Angeles, CA (6/15/2022) -- HiBnb is excited to announce partnerships with two of the leading tourism technology providers in the industry, Cloudbeds and CiiRUS. By integrating management, marketing, and operational features from both of these companies, property owners will now be able to connect seamlessly with carefully vetted, high-quality renters looking for cannabis-friendly accommodations.

“HiBnb has received a very warm welcome from the vacation rental industry, which recognizes that cannabis tourism is growing globally and remains a largely untapped market," says HiBnb founder and CEO Elizabeth Becker. "Working with CiiRUS and Cloudbeds gives HiBnb an advantage in the rapidly developing business. We are thrilled to partner with CiiRUS and Cloudbeds and look forward to the growth these relationships will provide.”


One of the most highly-regarded, independently owned vacation rental software platforms, CiiRUS has pushed the boundaries of technology for rental professionals since 2008.

“The launch of HiBnb’s integration with CiiRUS underscores our commitment to providing a diverse marketplace of distribution sources for CiIRUS customers to expand their global reach," says CiiRUS Chief Marketing Officer Josh Parry. "We are excited to partner with the HiBnb team and look forward to helping our mutual customers earn more reservations.”

By remaining independent, CiiRUS has developed a culture of accountability to its customers, whose needs dictate the direction of its continued development. CiiRUS has over 30,000 properties in numerous regions, including Florida where they oversee 10,000 properties.

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Cloudbeds’ hospitality platform combines tools for operations, revenue management, guest experience, and marketing with a marketplace of third-party integrations to help independent hoteliers and hosts grow revenue, streamline operations, and deliver memorable guest experiences. The serves a global clientele of more than 22,000 independent properties across 157 countries. Using their Myallocator application, Cloudbeds powers inventory deliverability for tens of thousands of vacation homes and short-term housing options.

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HiBnb is a marketplace dedicated to the growing cannabis community, providing safe responsible, inclusive accommodation & activities options to guests looking to enjoy Cannabis in their leisure time and while traveling. The online platform provides users with four pillars of engagement; Stay Hi offers inclusive accommodations, Play Hi is an activity and event ticketing platform, Read Hi covers cannabis tourism news and culture, and Get Hi provides compliant marketing for dispensaries, brands, and products.

As more markets have opened up to legalizing recreational cannabis, the demand for cannabis-friendly accommodations has increased exponentially. While some accommodation platforms are wary to delve into the cannabis marketplace, preventing access or veiling their listings, HiBnb wears the cannabis leaf like a badge, tailoring accommodations and events to benefit both the visitor and host.

By merging the technological capabilities and accommodation reach of Cloudbeds and CiiRUS with the professional, cannabis-friendly functionality of the HiBnb platform, the cannabis tourism landscape more efficient for property owners, easier to navigate for renters, and will further enhance the strengths and capabilities of HiBnb, Cloudbeds and CiiRUS to provide a prosperous business environment for all.

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