HiBnb Teams with Rock Rage Radio!
Jun 16, 2022 To Be Blunt

HiBnb Teams with Rock Rage Radio!

By HiBnb staff

photo by Elsa Olofsson

(Toronto, Ontario) -- As a Canadian-founded company and big fans of the Toronto-born power trio Rush, HiBnb believes strongly in "The Spirit of Radio." That's why we're thrilled to announce a partnership with Rock Rage Radio, a 24-7 station that covers more than 40 states in the U.S. and can be heard in over 130 countries worldwide.

Through each of their cannabis-friendly markets, Rock Rage Radio and their knowledgable staff will reach out to listeners to promote the many attributes of HiBnb; these include sweet accommodations with amenities, easy event ticketing, and articles about 420 tourism and cannabis pioneers. Using the Rock Rage Radio app, users can list properties and find HiBnb accommodations across the world. And promoters, venues, and private companies, and individuals can instantly list events for instant ticketing. In addition, the Rock Rage Radio app includes a QR code that instantly enables users to join HiBnb's affiliate program and make money for every accommodation they rent or event they ticket.

"Everyone knows cannabis and music are inextricably connected," says HiBnb founder and CEO Elizabeth Becker. "So, what makes more sense than HiBnb teaming up with a great, forward-thinking radio business."

As part of their partnership, Rock Rage Radio will help expand HiBnb's reach through on-air promotion, festival networking, and imprinting the HiBnb logo on merchandise. Rock Rage Radio will also offer air time for HiBnb interviews, for which Read Hi Editor Jon Wiederhorn will conduct candid conversations with artists including Shawn M. Crahan (Clown) from Slipknot and High on Fire's Matt Pike about their history with weed, their current cannabis-related projects and anything else rocking their world.

"I'm excited to be working with HiBnb, which is one of the most credible, forward-thinking companies in the cannabis tourism space," said Rock Rage Radio President and founder John Kunz. "We believe in their platform and are happy to offer our technology and staff to help create a strong community of rockers who love weed, travel, and concerts."

Rock Rage Radio is a 24/7 radio station that plays all genres of rock music from indie to signed artists to metal, active rock, punk, 80s hair metal, and much more. Rock Rage Radio is heard in over 130 countries worldwide and has enjoyed an
average of 40 percent increase in audience listenership every week since day one. Rock Rage Radio reaches over six million people weekly through on-air, online, and social media programming. We have attacked the markets that terrestrial radio has forgotten or refused to support! Rock Rage Radio staff is in the clubs, at the shows, and supporting unsigned
and signed artists from the ground level and up.

HiBnb is different than any other marketplace; all of the listings in our community allow (and encourage) guests to Get Hi, Play Hi, and Stay Hi. With something for everyone, from the canna-curious to canna-pros, from healers to hippies to headbangers, we offer opportunities to explore cannabis in safe and supportive environments. And we promote various fun and educational activities to guests who wish to enhance their stay. Whatever your pleasure, you will find a community in which like-minded individuals can connect and share their love of cannabis in a non-judgmental environment.

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